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The first of a series of three EPs, Trinity.A covers multiple themes consistent across Tim's music: self-reflection, loss, and politics.

Needle In a Haystack reminds us to be gentle on ourselves, that the past is over and there's no need to beat ourselves up for it.

Flat Screen People explores the solitude of quarantine and memories of loved ones no longer with us.

Ego of Glass offers a dark perspective on a current political leader, infused with the reality of police brutality and the apparent lack of compassion held by either profession.


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



A\D|S/R Berlin, Germany

A\D|S/R performs music ranging from dark, synth- and drum-driven songs to live-looped, electro-organic soundscapes.

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Track Name: Needle in a Haystack
Clave clack click it black
who's right and wrong is no love song
Clave clack it’s a fact
For you my heart beats like a gong

I’m gonna dance like a maniac
while i write my own soundtrack
won't get caught in a cul-de-sac
or sailing on the wrong tack

I take it easy on myself these days;
Rush and stress, they never pay.
This truth you know you can’t betray
We’re royal in our own way.

I can't turn the clock back
so i learned to cut myself some slack
Not gonna change the zodiac
To find a needle in a haystack

Let’s cruise in a gold Cadillac
Throwing smiles like we’ve got stacks
Drive for miles and don’t look back
You think that I’m just talking smack?
I’m the leader of my own wolf pack

I can't turn the clock back
so i learned to cut myself some slack
Not gonna change the zodiac
To find a needle in a haystack

It’s a sticky web in which we’re caught
An evil lie that we were taught
To change ourselves into what we’re not
As if self-worth could be bought

We only want to be complete
Everything from head to feet
And heart and soul, oh so sweet
To walk in time to our own beat
Track Name: Flat Screen People
live between the walls
staying off the streets
hiding out from something
I cannot see

there’s not enough time
there’s not enough space
which could from my mind
memories of your face erase

we’re so locked away
but i hope for the best
boundaries of humanity
put to the test

we’re flat screen people
reaching out for a touch
limits of our sanity
stretched out too much

living between walls
staying off the streets
hiding out from something
we cannot see

the numbers are still speeding
will they make it round the curve
it seems it won’t get better
before it gets worse

oh oh oh
can’t let you go
don’t want to be
on my own

oh oh oh
won’t let it go
not meant to be
on our own
Track Name: Ego of Glass
put down the phone,
pick up the pen
look at the mess
we got ourselves in

lost in the web
tried not to see
but couldn’t avoid all of history

come crashing down
the past is not dead
all that it will be
lies in our hands
too bad there’s an ape
with small hands in charge
his finger’s on the button
and his ego’s so large

taller than a mountain
but it’s made of glass
it’s easily broken
let’s knock him on his ass

don’t think don’t talkdon’t fight
don’t believe in yourself
you know you can do it right
you’re a pile of dirt
and worth less than that
I’ll hit you down with my black brutal bat

I don’t care about you
I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do
I’ll pull the wool over your eyes
While I’m telling you lies
That it’s all for your good
Even though it’s understood
I don’t care about you

I see my god in the mirror
every day I get a smile
and the picture is getting clearer
it’s your blood on my tiles

but my little hands are clean
i don’t see anything wrong
with the way that I run the world
you won’t have to worry too long...

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